hun: 3D dynamic

Submitted by mfg on Tue, 07/11/2017 - 19:26

The 3D figures are presented in sections to observe his behavior, it's expected to have similarities with those presented in: hun: 2D dynamic, although you can see a more complete picture.

The previous galery shows different sections of the figure obtained in the dynamical space, in the image below we can see two of them, they show a hyperbolic behavior and the square structure mentioned in: hun: 2D dynamic.


Dynamical space sections, (left) hun set c2i(0;0,0)E+1+2(0;-2,0)(-2.5;-1.53,0) y (rigth) hun set c2i(0;0,0)E+1+2(0;0,0)(0;-3,0)

The reason of this similarities with hun: 2D dynamic  it's due both to the coordinates of the section obtained as the iterations number.  The latter is mentioned in: escape velocity. One of the images that most interest generated is as follows:

análogo a cusfera
Figure section: hun set c2i(0;0,0E+1+2(0;0,0)(-1.7;-1.7,0.56)
The image contains the link of the gallery.

The previous image show a peculiar behavior and have similarities with cusphere  in the dynamical space with imaginary scators. Although the image has not been analyzed completly, the similarities that appear here compared with the section in cusphere allow us to say that it's a aceptable representation permiten decir que es una representación aceptable.