ix: parameter space

Submitted by mfg on Tue, 07/11/2017 - 15:48

In parameter space, the initial point is always the origin. The first iteration corresponds to the point that is being evaluated.

In the images below, the complete bound imaginary scator set under the quadratic iteration in 1+2 dimensions is depicted, labeled $c2i0 \mathbb{S}_{-}^{1+2}$ and codenamed ix (pronounced eesh). The hypercomplex axis 'y' is limited from 0 to -1, revealing transverse sections of the bound set. The rendering was performed with the fantastic programme Mandelbulber v.2.07 (Dec 2019, v.2.21-dev) modified accordingly to cope with scator algebra. The file modifications are described in the following link: programme code - ix.

The images may be seen directly in the gallery following the link in the image below

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